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Pittsburgh Neighborhood

Home Inspections

During our home inspections, we go off of a checklist that allows us to look at at almost every corner of the house including the HVAC system, roof, foundation, basement, and much more. After the inspection is complete, we try and send you the report within the same day. The price of the home inspection does vary depending on the house.

Mold Testing

Mold may show up in various colors around a house, and it can go easily unnoticed. You won’t always notice if there is mold in a house, but an inspector can point out the signs where there is mold or if it can occur in the future. You can have a mold assessment included in your inspection by request.

Mold Testing on wall
Infrared Meter

Infrared Camera Scan

Infrared Camera Inspections allow us to see behind the barriers. We can detect moisture and leaks, insulation problems, electrical issues,  and a few other things. When buying a home, we highly recommend this to prevent future headaches after purchasing.

Additional services

01. Radon Tests

Radon is an odorless, invisible gas but can increase the risk of lung cancer if it goes unnoticed. It comes from the ground and seeps through the cracks, drains, and holes of your home. Take the first step and test your home if radon is present.

02. Sewer Camera Snake

The home’s pipes may be cracked, corroded, intruded by overgrowing roots, or may even have misaligned pipes. This video inspection will determine if the sewer line is problem-free and make sure you won’t have any unexpected expenses.

03. Pest Inspection

Pests such as termites or rats can cause severe damage to a home both inside and outside. Getting a pest inspection could determine what the best options are to get your home under control or prevent it in the future.

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